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Your Marriage Retreat Online

I have great news to tell you! I’ve been working hard on Your Marriage Retreat! You didn’t even know it! While it would be fantastic to go to a wonderful marriage retreat in some beautiful serene location and mingle with other couples… oh and pay a ton of money… and then take massive amounts of notes while you’re there so you can remember every detail to the best of your ability … Wait a minute! I’m going to help you with that! I’m preparing a marriage retreat that you can do in your own budget and in your own time. If you have the budget to go away for an entire weekend, then you can do it! If your budget is tighter and a weekend at home will have to do, then so be it! If you can’t get sitters for the entire weekend, then you can break it up and do it once a week or once a month … BECAUSE IT’S FLEXIBLE like that! 🙂

As a marriage counselor, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard for people to do things we tell you to do because of time constraints, a lack of babysitters or possibly even money limitations. So I’m going to help you out with some of that. No, I’m not sending you on free trips or coming to babysit your kids … BUT … I’m making this retreat so flexible that those things I just mentioned won’t be much of an issue. And you’ll never guess what else!!

You can keep the retreat materials FOREVER to access anytime you need to!

It’s kind of like having me, accessible all the time … except it’s not at all like that. Haha!

On this retreat, Your marriage is going to be refreshed, renewed, and revived. And then your going to learn how to keep it that way by repeating. Refresh. Renew. Revive. Repeat.

Each session will be interactive and engaging.

Topics will include:






… and so much more!


Be patient with me and sign up for updates because you won’t want to miss this when it becomes available.

Oh… and one more thing. When I’m ready, I’m going to open it up for a PRE-LAUNCH to a very limited number of couples at an extremely reduced fee.

So then, there’s that! You definitely won’t want to miss that email, so make sure you sign up to “Say Yes to Updates” (right there in the sidebar) and you’ll be the absolute first to know when it’s available.

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Hi! I'm Christi. I love to share whatever God has put on my heart about my own life lessons, marriage, family, and finding purpose. My hope is that He uses me to help others. It's what I'm passionate about.

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