About Sincerely Christi

About Sincerely Christi, the Blogger

If you are wondering about Sincerely Christi and who I am, you have landed on the right page!! Hi! I’m Christi, the author of Sincerely Christi. 🙂 I’m a Christian. I’m a wife to the love of my life for almost 25 years, and a mom of 3 and 1 in Heaven. I love reading, decorating, movies, board games, traveling, and hanging out with my family and friends. I’m typically more introverted and need my quiet time, although I do LOOOVE talking to others too. If you know me, you know this is solid truth!! I tend to think. A lot. I mean … A LOT. My husband says I think too much. Ha! Well, that’s me. You might as well embrace it. I’ve been this way for a long, long time. 🙂

I have a Masters degree in Family Therapy and a passion to help people through all different kinds of challenges, but my main goal is to also live an authentic, joyful, and carefree life (and see others do the same). For the first twelve years of our marriage, I was a stay-at-home mom and then I felt God’s call to go to college and become a marriage and family therapist. During my college years and after, I worked and practiced at a counseling center that was attached to my church. I love counseling and the mental health field but I also saw a lot of challenges with people being unable to afford the services that they desperately needed.

As God has been stirring my heart over the last few years, I knew that it was time to make the decision to leap outside of my box… and I do mean WAAAY outside of my box. I kind of like the quietness of my box. Haha! I have often felt God’s tug to write my story down in the hopes that I may be able to help someone else going through challenging times, but I haven’t felt like my journey was complete enough. Well, I still don’t feel it’s complete. In reality, it won’t be complete until I’m dead. So I realize that I have just made a bunch of excuses and not been obedient. That’s truth.

In a day where people seem to live their lives on-line, I began to see an opportunity for me to share my journey and hopefully be able to touch someone else, meet people where they are, validate, or be an encouragement. I genuinely hope my story gives you encouragement and challenges you to grow in your walk with God, the way it has me. Life hasn’t always been cupcakes and unicorns for me, and it certainly isn’t now everyday but I can say that as I look back over my lifetime, I can see where God has been faithful in keeping His promises, even in the moments that it didn’t appear he was. I have faith that this time will be no different. Read about why I named the blog Sincerely Christi.

About Sincerely Christi, the Blog

There is a lot of things that I believe God has put on my heart for this blog. I want it to be a resource, first and foremost. My journey is a resource for you. I believe that our experiences are meant to be shared so that we may be an encouragement to others, so that is my desire. Read my 5 Reasons I Chose to Blog.

Since my background is in counseling, and I have a passion for marriage, I hope to offer a lot of resources over the years. My first big project is to produce “Your Marriage Retreat” that couples can do in their own schedule and budget. I want to expand that product and offer various “retreat” style courses for couples who are engaged, military families, or have blended families. My first course is in production now and I hope to have it completed by the Fall of 2017. Find out more about Your Marriage Retreat.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I hope it causes you to think about where you are, where you’ve been and maybe even, where you are going. I hope it inspires you to go after the life that God has for you, one you could have never imagined possible. I’m right there with you, going on my journey. Please join me.

About Me

Hi! I'm Christi. I love to share whatever God has put on my heart about my own life lessons, marriage, family, and finding purpose. My hope is that He uses me to help others. It's what I'm passionate about.

You can also find me here 🙂

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fear journal page

Part 1: The Day We Found Out and Had to Decide if We Were Going to Trust God or Not

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ~Romans 8:28 As a Christian, that was a scripture that I memorized fairly early in my walk with the Lord. It was implanted in my heart, in my...
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Part 2: The Day I Decided to Trust God

At 20 years old, I understood that I was not promised a life of rainbows and butterflies. I didn’t expect everything to always be perfect but that day in 1992 that I learned the baby I was carrying inside of me was sick, was more than I could handle. Problems during...
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Part 3: The day I Got Angry at God

As I look back over the years, I tend to focus in on particular days. Meaningful days. It’s not that the other days didn’t mean anything. Of course, they did. But as I’m thinking through the story of my firstborn son, I have to focus in and string the most important...
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Part 4: The Day of the Miracle

The anxiety overwhelmed me as I got ready for my ultrasound appointment. Just moments ago, I was standing on my bed yelling and pointing my finger at God, and now I was in a heightened state of worry as I got ready to go. I could not find peace anywhere,...
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Part 5: The Day God Gave Us a Name

In previous posts, I’ve been telling you the story of our firstborn son. This pregnancy was such a troubling time in our life, especially as a newly married, young couple, but it was also a time that produced such faith, trust, and growth in our own personal walks...
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Part 6: The Day of Joshua’s Birth

Every Momma loves to tell a good birthing story and this Momma is no exception. This one is a little different because I had a difficult pregnancy. But still ... it's just another oppurtunity to tell you that He is a faithful God. I’m going to apologize in advance...
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Part 7: The Day My Heartache began …

For you, who have been following my series, my story, my testimony of who God has been in my life, I have to apologize that it has taken me quite a while to write about this next day, The Day My Heartache Began. Just being real with you. Even though, this day was over...
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Part 8: The Day My Heart Got Ripped Out

*Disclaimer. This post is about my experience in the loss of my firstborn son. If you are looking for a happy post today, please go read about our trip to Disney World last year. 🙂 Even though this post is a more difficult one, I do hope you can find some...
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Part 9: The day I buried my son

Grief is hard. The day we buried our son, Joshua Caleb, was a dismal, dreary day, at least from what I remember of it. Maybe that was just the way my heart felt when I look back on it. No. I looked it up. The historical weather data confirms my memory. Cool and...
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Part 10: The Day My Grief Grew

Grief. It sucks. Really bad. I couldn’t imagine how my grief could get much worse, or how in the world God would even allow more tragedy to strike my new family. But He did. This is my story about the loss of my firstborn son and how my faith grew in the process. If...
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