Somewhere along the way, we have quit teaching the Golden Rule to our kids. You know what the golden rule is. Right? Well, just in case, let me remind you.

Luke 6:31

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Does it sound familiar?

Gradually, over time, we quit showing others kindness and empathy.

I don’t think it happened all of a sudden, but as God has been put in the back seat of our lives, and as technology and busy-ness have taken the front seat, it is showing up in the way we teach our kids and interact with each other.

It happened again …


Another school shooting has happened. This time our prayers are going up for Santa Fe, Texas. The reports are currently reporting 8 to 10 people have been killed and 3 injured.

My heart was so saddened for this community as I listened to an interview of the student saying that one of the possible shooters was bullied. And even more heartbreaking that he mentioned some of the bullying incidents may have come from a teacher.


Bullying from other kids.

Bullying from teachers.

Nobody steps in. Nobody stops it. Nobody takes up for those that do not know how to stand up for themselves.

Nobody. So, it continues.


The world we live in has a heart problem.


We show unkindness and hatred to others so easily and without a second thought. We have lost the ability to empathize, and despite social media, we are socially disconnected and still entranced in our devices.

For some reason, we like to intimidate others, point out their flaws, and “put people in their place” as we talk down to them. If you want to see this firsthand, just visit any comment thread on any public social media account. It’s not hard to see.



Just stop it.

Stop trying to gain your value through degrading and intimidating others. Stop hurting others. Our kids are watching and learning from us.

How do we stop it?

It starts with me and you.

Take some time to reflect on yourself. What do they see? Are you their role model? Do you take responsibility for your actions?

How are we ever going to stop the bullying and degrading of others, if we don’t start it at home? How can our schools do anything to make an impact on the students when their focus has to be on keeping kids safe from each other? How do teachers teach when they have to constantly stop to send students to administration, only to have some parents respond with “not my kid”?


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Just a little something to ponder …

Something has to change because we are losing our kids every single day through suicide, depression, outright hatred, drug abuse, recklessness, and school violence.

I value the right to my own spiritual belief system, just as much as I value your right to your own belief system. Religion aside, as a kindergartener, I was taught to treat others the way I want to be treated. I taught my kids the same. What is wrong with that concept?

Our way isn’t working. When will we start letting God back into our homes, and allow Him back into the front seat to drive the car?

Can’t we simply start there?


Sincerely, Christi

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