Here’s your countdown calendar! Click on the PICTURE BELOW to download and print the PDF. Our family enjoyed pulling a link and doing each activity on Friday, before dinner. It was so easy to make.

For the Top of the countdown…

I printed my mouse ears on cardstock and mounted it to a coordinating, plain colored piece of cardstock just for thickness and to make it sturdy to attach the links to.

I mounted that to a larger piece of glitter paper that I found in the scrapbooking section at our local crafting store.

Print the PDF for the links and choose the number of links you need to complete your countdown. Personalize it with the activities your family would enjoy.

Tip: If you choose the fastpass activity or decorating MagicBands, make sure they are placed closer to the time to go.

*For the links, I used colorful, thick scrap-booking paper (normal paper size) in a few different, coordinating patterns. I was fortunate to have a paper cutter to keep my lines straight, but scissors will do. Be sure to cut each paper individually since the cut lines will not line up from one page to the next.

Put your links in the order you want them. I even added a week number to mine to keep track.

Staple one loop onto the top and then stick your first activity loop through the center of that one. Staple or tape it. Go one-by-one, attaching the next loop unitl you have all the weeks accounted for that you want to count down.

Set a specific day of the week to begin your countdown, and stick to that day so you don’t forget.


I hope you enjoy the activities! Have fun on your trip to Disney!