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If you are looking for all of the official info on Plexus and their entire line of products, simply click on the photo and it will take you straight to my Plexus website to browse their entire line. Look around and see what they have that might be most beneficial for you. Please don’t hesitate to email me any questions at Christi@SincerelyChristi.com … or message me Facebook.
Remember, Plexus isn’t just about weight loss. That was just a side effect for many. They have so many products that help get your gut in order. We know now that research has found many, many health issues to be the result of unhealthy guts. There are several products specially formulated to help you get your gut heathy!

My Health Journey

Just after graduating from my Master’s Program, I realized how exhausted I was.

It made sense though. I had been running 90 to nothing as the saying goes. I worked full-time, went to school full-time, volunteered in kid’s ministry at church, and led a support group one evening a week. Oh… and I was a wife and mom of 3 (2 teens and a toddler) too. Most days I left home by 8 am and didn’t return until late evening. It was a rat race for sure!

So it made sense that I was exhausted. Right?

After I graduated, I kind of shut down. Working hard on boundaries, I started saying “no” to just about anything and everything. I backed out of serving at church in order to catch my breath and spend more time with my family that I so desperately missed. After 5-6 months, my energy didn’t come back, as I had expected it would.

I went to a naturopath and was told that all of my levels were crazy off. My adrenals were shot and my thyroid was very off-balance. No wonder I was fighting to stay awake most of the day, and passing out on the couch by 7 pm every single night. On Friday night, (typically our family night), It was the running joke in my house about how much of a movie I would make it through. When everyone was going to bed at 11, they were would wake me up and I would drag myself upstairs to bed and pass out.

The morning would come and my alarm would go off at 6:30 but I would hit snooze until 7:10-7:15 when I would literally have to drag myself out of bed to get kids off to school and myself ready for work. Exhausted. I was miserably exhausted. I have been very fortunate in that I have never really struggled with depression, but I have to admit, I began struggling a bit at this time too.

The naturopath put me on about $300 of vitamin supplements and I learned to be more aware of my diet and began making changes in the foods my family ate at the time. The goal was to eat more natural whole foods, cut out the processed, and limit or cut-out fast-food. The biggest change I made at the time? Of course, I started drinking more water. Water has always been a struggle for me. I have hated the taste of it my entire life. I was able to stomach a few brands of bottled water, so I was able to up my water intake a bit.

After about a month of being consistent with that plan, I was feeling a tiny bit better, but still struggling with sleep and exhaustion, and of course, the scale never moved. And of course, I really didn’t expect it to either because I knew my body was broken. I was hopeful though.

My main reason to change all of my unhealthy habits was to feel better. I wanted to enjoy life with my family first and foremost and to do that, I needed my health.


Then there was Plexus

Then a friend started taking Plexus and talking about her energy level changing. I started researching it to death because I am incredibly skeptical of …well… pretty much anything… sold by anybody. I don’t want to throw my money away on snake oil! LOL! And let’s talk about prescription drugs for a second. I mean do you see the side effects they list of FDA approved prescription drugs???

And don’t get me started on soda, even though I love the taste. I mean… really! I kind of started wondering what their goal is here. I mean soda will clean corrosion off of a car battery! Think about what it does to your insides.

Oh… and no Plexus is not approved by the FDA because they don’t approve natural health supplements and vitamins. So if you decide to research it yourself, be aware that there are websites out there that are appalled that Plexus is not FDA approved.  Oops, I got side-tracked.

Back to my story. My husband was also struggling with his diabetes numbers (even with prescription medication and changing our eating habits), and since the reason Plexus Slim was created was to help balance blood sugar, I decided to buy a month of the pink drink, at the retail cost and split it between the 2 of us… as an experiment. I had run out of the supplements from the naturopath and didn’t have enough money to replenish my vitamin supply, so the expense of Plexus didn’t compare to what I had spent the month before…so I was in with a $200 savings.

Within about 10 days, I began feeling a little better and I was encouraged enough that I ordered as a preferred customer to get another supply of Slim to finish out the month.


What I noticed in my first 2 months:

In about the 3rd week of consistently taking Slim, drinking a ton of water, and still working on changing eating habits, we were sitting on the couch one evening and my husband looked over at me and said, “It’s 10:00 and you haven’t fallen asleep.” And the realization was that I was actually still awake and not tired. I began going to bed when everyone else did around 11:30. About a week after that, I began waking up at about 6:15 before my alarm actually went off. My eyes would pop open and I would feel compelled and ready to get up and get my shower and start my day. WHAT??? Now, you have to know that I am NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN a morning person. But mornings are okay now.

Another amazing thing is that I dropped my coffee consumption from drinking all day from morning to night to ZERO cups… or maybe 1 at some point in the day if it was chilly outside and I just wanted the taste of the coffee. But at this point, I rarely finish a cup anymore.

I got through all the holidays with candy and sweets and could absolutely pass it up. That was amazing too.

At this point, I was sold out… 1 month in.

Two or Three months of consistently taking the products per the instructions, I noticed I didn’t have any more heel pain and had lost about 12 pounds and over 12 inches all over my body. That never changed. I got stuck in that place. BUT, I didn’t start taking Plexus to lose weight. Many people have experienced weight loss with it though. It did slim out my face some, and I don’t doubt that over time as my body continues to get what it needs, that weight will eventually come too. You know, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and all.

Remember, my main reason was to be able to have the energy to get through my day and enjoy life with my family.

Over the course of the first year, I noticed things here and there.

My nails and toenails started growing. This may be TMI, but I actually had to start clipping my toenails. I’ve never had to do that because they’ve always just broken off, if they really ever grew at all. The same with my fingernails.

My hairstylist noticed my hair seemed to be growing faster and was thicker. When she mentioned that, I realized that my hair had actually stopped falling out in clumps.

My monthly migraines had become more infrequent. They didn’t stop, but they were less often.

ALL of this, I loved.

BUT… then I stopped. My father passed away and I fell off the wagon for about 2 or 3 years. I know, that’s a really long time. Physically, I still felt okay. The changes that I had with Plexus had remained so I didn’t feel compelled to continue, even though I knew my body still lacked a lot and was still not totally healthy.

As I said, the adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s, and Hypothyroid had done a number on me.

Following the death of my father, I quit being as consistent…in anything. I was a mess, and I do mean a mess.

My forgetfulness and disorganization got to be at an all-time high. Just being real here. I have begun to get tired again, although nothing like what it was before.  And my hair has started to fall out more, although nothing like 4 years ago.


So I have picked myself back up and I’m back to making changes in myself and my choices.

Why Plexus? Because honestly, there has not been anything I have ever done consistently that has made me feel the way that Plexus products do. Nothing. That’s my truth.

Oh and my husband? His main result was that it helped his blood sugar numbers stabilize and come down significantly over the course of about 6 months while taking Plexus Slim, XFactor Plus, and ProBio5, as well as making some diet changes.



Why am I posting this?

I have gone back and forth with whether I should post this or not. Unfortunately, businesses such as Plexus have gotten a bad reputation with all of the pushy salesman tactics, and more recently in the news we’ve heard that some people have found themselves in lots of debt. Let me be clear. Plexus has been around since 2008 and is quickly growing. They are a debt-free company and plan are planning on being around for another 50 years. They do not require you to purchase lots of product to have on hand. People order through the website and products are sent directly to the customer. According to Plexus’ 2015 income disclosure statement, over 65% of purchases are from customers, not ambassadors. They don’t have a customer purchase rate that high if the products don’t work. That wouldn’t make sense. They even have clinical research to back their products now.

I am posting this because I know so many people are struggling to get through the day, for whatever reason. I know that it helped me and many others. And the bottom line is that if I know someone is hurting and I have something that could possibly help them, then why would I keep it to myself?


Why did I call this the Pink Drink Family when I just talked about primarily, myself and my husband a tiny bit?

My oldest daughter also loves the Slim. She has struggled with anxiousness for many years and she says it helps her to feel calm and focused. I would ditto that remark because I feel the same way.

My youngest has taken the chewable xfactor multi-vitamin and likes them. 🙂 And she does beg for sips of the Slim when she sees mine. Oh, and there is nothing in it that would prevent her from having it.

So, we are all pink drink lovers.


It’s just too expensive.

I get it. So this is a tough one, but when I decided I wanted to get healthier, I had to change my priorities. It was either a coffee on my way to work or Slim. It was taking my lunch instead of eating out. I stopped buying cokes and drank water instead. I skipped the fast-food and cooked dinner, or better yet…  I completely stopped buying already prepared processed foods and made them with real ingredients.

Believe it or not, many meals come out cheaper this way. I was already spending money on vitamins, so that was reallocated. As I began to make changes internally, what I spent money on changed externally too. I have heard it said if you want to know where your priorities are, then look at your bank account.

Have you seen the cost of healthcare lately? I can’t afford to be unhealthy any longer.

Plexus also gives you 3 options for purchase.

The most expensive way is to pay the Retail price. It’s the one-time purchase way.

Becoming a Preferred Customer gives you a bit of a 15% discount. This is a monthly subscription, which is a convenience if you are going to be consistent. BUT don’t let that subscription part scare you away if you are just thinking you want to try it out. You can log in and cancel it anytime, or change the products being ordered.

And of course, there is becoming an Independent Ambassador. You don’t have to sell to do this option. I never planned on selling. It’s a 25% discount. That’s what I signed up for. Essentially, if you want to get the best deal on products, this is the way to go. Your first purchase can be a Welcome Pack where you can get products at an even bigger discount. This is also an auto-shipment, however, you can turn it off and order as you wish. If you are ordering over $100 per month in products (honestly, it’s not hard to do depending on what you are taking, and if you are being consistent, or more than 1 of you is taking the products), then keep it on and just manage the auto-shipment because this allows you to earn 15% commission on your own purchase over $100. So, yes. That’s an even bigger discount for you. And believe me when I say that the discount adds up. (And I’m not telling you that so you will sign up and therefore, I can get big money either. It’s actually more profitable to me if you go with the retail or preferred customer. Haha!


What do products do I need?

That depends on your goals. The Slim is the most popular pink drink. The Tri-plex is one of the most popular. Plexus has several different awesome Multi-vitamins. Oh goodness. Just email me your goals and together, I can help you figure out what product to try.

Check out the variety of products Plexus offers! It’s more than a little pink drink now! They have expanded into skincare too.

They have a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you do decide to give it a try, commit to yourself to try for the 60 days consistently. Everyone is different and so everyone experiences different things at a different pace.

Please email me if you have questions. Don’t even hesitate.