Is Relationship Coaching for you? Maybe. Keep reading and let me help you figure it out.

Over the years of working with couples as an associate marriage therapist, I came to realize there were 2 kinds of couples. One kind of couple was the couple who was on the right track, but just had an “okay” relationship, and were just simply tired of it being “just okay” and so they were ready to make it great. Then there was the couple that one (or both) of them had one foot out the door. They were fed up with hurt and unforgiveness, and counseling was their last ditch effort before the divorce attorney’s appointment, which may or may not have been scheduled already.

They had one thing in common though. Do you know what that was? They made the difficult decision to schedule that appointment, with a stranger (whether I was recommended to them or not), and SHOW UP! It’s tough to take that step. It’s difficult to make that financial investment, especially when fear or hurt is involved.

BUT… things begin changing when you start with the very first step, and investing your intentional effort.

I want to help you take your “okay” relationship and give you the tools you need to make it a great relationship. Even if you are struggling with communication, or conflict right now, but you both really want to work on understanding each other, repairing the relationship, and moving forward, I can help you with that too. You might need to consider something more long-term when looking at the packages though.

One of my passions is marriage, without a doubt. I’ve had 25 years of personal experience in mine, in addition to my education. Let me be the first to say, that relationships are HARD WORK!

I love to use an assessment by Prepare-Enrich.  I love the way it identifies strength and growth areas, as well as helps couples come to a better understanding of their relationship dynamics. It focuses in on levels of agreement in the following topics: communication and conflict-resolution, finances, faith, family and friends, personality, expectations, roles, parenting, and many more. Please click on their logo below for all the great details on their website.

Let me and Prepare-Enrich help you find your strengths and point you to the tools you need to continue your marriage in peace and understanding.

Aside from marriage, another passion is helping you find fulfillment in all areas of your life, so if this all sounds great, but you aren’t quite ready for relationship coaching because you just want to work on you, that’s okay! Since I haven’t released my life coaching packages for individuals yet, please send me an email at for a price list. I am finalizing the details to publish it to the website, so you can also check back.
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It is the #1 premarital and marriage assessment for 35 Years

It’s been used in over 50,000 communities and churches and has helped over 4 million couples, in over 100 countries and 12 languages.
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Integrate your faith in the assessment

Whether you realize it or not, your faith and spirituality play a big role in your marriage. Prepare-Enrich knows that and therefore, it’s an optional component in the assessment.
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Prepare-Enrich has a solid research-based foundation

This research-backed assessment, alongside the tools and my feedback will provide you with a better understanding of your relationship dynamics, personalities, and determination of relationship strengths and growth areas.

My Experience

I have a Master of Family Therapy from Mercer University School of Medicine, and I am a Prepare-Enrich facilitator. I have been credentialed in the state of Georgia as a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist for the last 5 years, and had an office in a local faith-based, private practice counseling center, where I have worked in varous capacities, for the last 10 years. During my time there, I have had well over 2000 client appointments and have worked with people from all walks of life, coping with a variety of life and relationship challenges, premarital counseling, life transitions, grief, and mental illness struggles. I have so loved my time there, and I am sad to leave, but I’m so excited about my next chapter. After a lot of prayer, I believe God is calling me into life and relationship coaching.

I have transitioned from in-person mental health therapy to life and relationship coaching online. What a value to expand my borders in this way, fight past my own fears, and jump in with both feet! I am passionate about helping you find purpose and fulfillment, to get past the roadbloacks and live your life satisfied and content! I am also super excited about the opportunity that technology gives me, to coach people from all over the country, and not just in my hometown!

One important Note: I am no longer practicing mental health counseling, so if you are looking for help in diagnosing, trauma-related therapy, or any other mental health related psychotherapy, please check out which has a lot of mental health resources, but is a wonderful beginning spot to find an appropriate counselor for your needs, in your local area. Be aware that if you are looking for online counseling, that counselors and therapists are only able to work with clients located in the state they hold licensure in.


Dating, Engaged, and Married Couples

I’m ready and excited about the opportunity of working with you and for you to get a better understanding about your relationship strengths and growth areas. I would love to help you learn the skills necessary to have the marriage you desire. Whether you are seriously dating, engaged, or have been married for 30 years, it’s always a good idea to assess where you are so you can continue to grow into a better tomorrow. If you have any questions about the packages below, please send me an email at, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you want to find out if I will be a good fit for you, please go ahead and schedule a one-time, 20 minute “get-to-know-you” video session free of charge.

I also love to work with individuals by giving you the tools you need to live the life you desire and accomplish the goals you have for yourself. If individual help is what you want, please check out my Life Coaching Packages for individuals here.

Save 10% Now!

All new clients that book any package listed below, will receive a special 10% discount off of any package. Don’t wait though, this promotion will not be offered forever.

Couple's 6-Month

Includes Prepare-Enrich
  • PAY ONLY $949.50 NOW.
  • Research-backed Prepare-Enrich Assessment, including 200 questions on various topics
  • Customized Results Report with graphs assessing couple’s strengths, as well as areas for potential growth
  • Discussion Guide to help you discuss your results in the best way possible, as a couple
  • Complimentary Skills-based Workbook with over 30 exercises to help you practice new skills and encourage better functioning relationship
  • 13 (One-Hour) Live Video Sessions on a secure video platform, sceduled every 2 weeks
  • Discussion of inventory results
  • Skills training to help you manage areas of potential growth
  • Homework Assignments to practice between sessions
  • 6 Months of potential interactive messaging with Christi on a secure network, for questions and follow-up
  • Clearer understanding of your relationship dynamics and each other
  • Lots of great discussions and opportunities of learning new things about your partner
  • More time to focus on key areas of growth, as well as, consistency and accountablity in those areas
  • A plan for the future, along with the skills and tools to navigate the good times and the bad

Couple's 9-Month

Includes Prepare-Enrich
  • PAY ONLY $1350 NOW. 
  • Research-backed Prepare-Enrich Assessment, including 200 questions on various topics
  • Customized Results Report with graphs assessing couple’s strengths, as well as areas for potential growth
  • Discussion Guide to help you discuss your results in the best way possible, as a couple
  • Complimentary Skills-based Workbook with over 30 exercises to help you practice new skills and encourage a better functioning relationship
  • 20 (One-Hour) Live Video Sessions on a secure video platform, sceduled every 2 weeks to include:
  • Discuss Results
  • Skils Training and Discussion Guidance to manage areas of potential growth
  • Assign Homework to practice between sessions
  • Vision and Goals Planning for your marriage and family
  • More Intensive work within the growth areas, which allows the time necessary to intentionally and consistantly use the newly-learned skills and tools
  • Accountability and consistency in working on goals over a longer period of time
  • 9 Months of interactive messaging with Christi on a secure network, for any questions and follow-up
  • Clearer understanding of your relationship dynamics and each other
  • Lots of great discussions and opportunities of learning new things about your partner
  • You will have had more time to focus on key areas of disagreement, as well as more opportunity to have consistency and accountablity in those areas, therefore promoting more potential for growth, resolution, and greater marital satisfaction over time
  • A plan for the future, along with the skills and tools to navigate the good times and the bad

What Are My Clients Saying?

“I had no idea what to expect when we began our premarital sessions. We dreaded that first session and were only doing premarital because our pastor told us to. By the third session, we were excited to meet with Christi and learn more about how to make our marriage awesome. We were able to gain a better understanding of each other and our challenges in the process. ” L&S

“We will never forget the communication and conflict resolutions skills that Christi taught us. While we’re not always perfect, we have learned what it means to fight fair.” H&D

“Christi has helped us move beyond the hurt that we have experienced in our marraige. She has given us tools that we use to help us continue to work on things when life gets hard. She has been such an invaluable resource for us during a difficult time in our life.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from coaching?
Coaching is different than counseling because coaching focuses more on intentional change and accountability towards meeting your goals for the future. While the coach may dip into the past for better perspective and understanding, there is more focus on now and future.

Another way coaching is different than counseling is that counseling deals more with mental health disorders and emotional trauma. However, coaching can help you discover coping strategies that are effective for helping you to deal with various life transitions, and to discover the root of what stops you from accomplishing your goals. If after meeting with you a few times, I assess that counseling would be a better fit for you, I will refer you so that you can get the best care possible.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
My goal is to provide the best possible service to you so that you can meet all of your goals. I put a lot of time and effort into our sessions, and behind the scenes too. With that said, there are no refunds on completed sessions or purchased packages. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all coach so if you don’t feel like I’m a good fit for you, that’s okay, but  let’s talk about how to move forward.

Paying for and booking sessions, commits both of us to being at the scheduled appointment. Thankfully, with the convenience of the internet, it makes it easier to make scheduled appointments without as many interruptions or cancellations. Know that when you schedule an appointment with me, as soon as it pops up in my calendar, I put that time aside and block it out, along with 15 minutes on either side of that appointment.

You will recieve courtesy reminders through text and/or email so there is less of a chance of forgetting the appointment, as well as the fact that you have already paid for the session further commits you to wanting to make the appointment, or make sure that it gets rescheduled in a timely manner.

I also understand that with the convenience of technology, there are also the occasional glitches of technology that are uncontrolled by either of us. If technology were to interfere with our scheduled time, we would likely need to reschedule that appointment. If that occurs, we try our best to reschedule within the same week.

Cancellation Policy for pre-purchased packages: While there is not a monetary fee for cancellation within a package, I would ask that you do your best to give me 24-hours notice, out of courtesy, and then attempt to get rescheduled within the same week or even 2. With a package, we want to make sure you get all of your video sessions completed within the allotted months. If an emergency were to come up on my end, I would also give you as much notice as possible, and make every attempt to reschedule quickly.

Cancellation Policy for non-packaged appointments: All cancellation and reschedule notices are required 24 hours in advance in order to apply your full session payment to your next scheduled appointment. If cancelled within 24 hours from our scheduled appointment time, due to a non-emergency, only 50% of the session fee will be applied to the next scheduled appointment and you will be responsible to pay the remaining 50% session fee due at the time the rescheduling is made.

However, if the rescheduled appointment is for a session in the same week, I will apply the full amount to the newly rescheduled session, as a courtesy.

How do the video sessions and messaging work online?
Thanks to technology today, we can use video, for our sessions. If you have ever used Skype or Facetime, it’s similar. The video platform that I use is also encrypted, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant. When you finalize your package purchase, you will then be taken to a calendar screen to schedule your first session with me. After your session is scheduled, I will put you into my system and then you will receive a confirmation email with a link and log-in instructions for the platform I use.

When it’s time for your appointment, just go to the web address and log in with your provided log-in credentials. I’ll meet you there. It’s real time so I can meet you no matter where you are! It’s important for you to know that I will be in my private office, and I will be the only one present in the room.

As far as messaging, it’s obviously not required to use it between sessions. However, it’s a wonderful opportunity to keep in touch and ask questions, tell me your “wins” or for accountability and such. The great thing about messaging is that it’s leisurely. You can respond when it’s convenient for you and I can respond when it’s convenient for me. I will always do my best to respond within 24 hours though. You will be alerted by email that you have a message waiting. You will log in to my platform to receive and then you can respond, if you want to. It’s pretty easy.

Can I upgrade my package after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after purchasing your package. Just send me an email, and tell me what you want, and then I’ll help you get set up, and let you know how much it will cost.
Are our interactions confidential?
I do my very best to provide you with a safe, quiet, and confidential environment online. The platform I use for our interactions is completely encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, therefore, it’s as confidential as possible, in the world we live in. When we have our video chats, I will always be in a private office and will not be interrupted during our conversations.
Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept any form of insurance. Most insurances will not pay for coaching either.
What form of payment do you accept?
I currently accept Paypal, and major credit cards. My processing is done through Paypal, and that allows you to pay from your Paypal account, or you can also pay with a Major credit card, without having a Paypal account. It’s super easy.