This post is completely unrelated to anything faith, grief, or hope, but it is everything about overcoming!! I put up my tree this year and had only a small section of lights working which is completely annoying and frustrating as my tree is only 2 years old.  It’s equally frustrating and annoying trying to find the bad bulbs on the Christmas lights too! I wish I had a before picture but alas, I don’t. Boo.
UGH! My pre-lit Christmas tree lights are not working AGAIN!
If you’ve had this experience. then I’m here to help you! I’ve got a not-so-secret tool that you have probably seen but completely ignored it (as did I, over and over). This little gadget has saved my sanity for the last several years! I’m not even kidding.
I was able to keep my frustration in check the last several years because of this little miracle tool right here! 

Fix the lights on a pre-lit Christmas tree

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Back in 2014, I had a tree with over 3/4 of the lights not working when we put it up.  By the way, this particular tree was only 2 years old as well. Okay, this is starting to sound like a familiar story, but I assure you I’m talking about 2014. I got so frustrated because I could not find anywhere it was disconnected or any blown bulbs, and the fuses seemed perfectly fine.
I was at a loss after messing with it forever. 
Replacing the tree was not in the budget so I grabbed a bunch of lights and added them on top of the burned out bulbs. Believe me, when I say I really struggled with this because every single time I looked at this tree, I could not see the beautiful shiny lights that were glowing brightly. Unfortunately, all I could see were the blown bulbs that would not light up no matter how long I tried to get them to.
Okay, there appears to be a lesson in there for me but I’m just going to skip that for now. … Moving on.

A few days after Christmas we were out shopping and I was looking at the clearance for a new tree (of course)… when I found this little tool on the shelf. It said it would get my tree lit up again so I bought it instead for about $5. I packed it up with all the other Christmas stuff and went on with life.

The following Christmas, I put the mostly dead tree up only to find out that it was now ALL COMPLETELY DEAD. None of the lights worked. Nothing. UGH! Then I remembered I got that little light tool and with all the determination in me, I got that little red tool out and got to work.
I admit that it took me several hours and replacing over 120 bulbs! I was all scratched up from the Christmas tree limbs but do you know what???
That little $5 tool worked and my beautiful tree was brought back to life!! I would have gladly paid the full price of $20!!!

We bought a new tree in 2016 because our old tree didn’t fit the space any longer. We needed a taller, thinner tree.

So this year, I pulled my newer 2-year-old tree out to find out that only 1/4 of the lights worked on it this year.

Oh, the frustration! Right? Nope. Not really.

I just pulled my little tool out and in about 30 to 45 minutes had found and marked about 8 burned out bulbs that had burned out and broken the circuit, preventing the tree from lighting up.

I still haven’t replaced the bulbs yet because I need to go get replacements, but I just marked them with a small ribbon and it’s still lit up! While frustrating to have a 2-year-old tree not light up, it was fine because I got that tree all lit up with very little effort.

A friend had posted on Facebook about her 2-year-old Christmas tree not working. What is it with these 2-year-old Christmas trees?

She didn’t want to throw more lights on it or replace it because it was an expensive tree and still fairly new. She was so frustrated though and at a loss. When I commented to her about the little red gadget that had helped me, she rushed right out and got it.

She got to work on that massive tree and it took her many, many hours, but she won! She found over 200 bulbs that had been burned out! But she won! This LightKeeper Pro is worth every penny (and maybe a few hours of work), but it just might keep you from having to replace that artificial pre-lit Christmas tree, and save your sanity in the process.

This is her progress with it.



I’m not tooting this Lightkeeper Pro because they are paying me. I’m tooting it because I know it works. If you buy it with one of my links, I will literally make a few pennies.

Let’s be real for a minute. While I would absolutely be grateful and thankful (because pennies eventually turn into dollars and every little penny helps in my world), the reality is that I created this post because I saw how much that little advice helped my friend, Robin save her tree. It meant a lot to her!

The whole purpose of this blog is that I want to help you too! I want to save you from all the hopeless frustration of having to go buy a new tree when the one you have may be able to be fixed.

That is it. You can overcome this little nuisance!

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do? Do you have any experience with this little Christmas tree saver? Tell me about it! I want to hear your stories too!


Oh, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sincerely, Christi

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