What Stops You?

What obstacle do you allow to stand in your way from reaching your biggest goal? What stops you from changing in an area of your life that you struggle in, year after year?

I could also ask this question in many other ways…

What stops you from going after that career you dream of?
What stops you from taking a chance?

For example…

What stops you from getting organized?

What stops you from losing weight?

What stops you from working in the career field you most desire?

Finish that question with any kind of goal you have ever had.

For me, the deepest root has usually been the fear.

I’m just being honest.
The fear of putting myself out there and people thinking all kinds of crazy things about me.
The fear of putting myself out there and getting rejected.
The fear of going all in and failing.
The fear of change.
The fear of not being able to do “whatever” perfect.
The fear of conflict and hatefulness of others.
The fear of not being able to complete a specific goal exactly as it is in my head.
And the list goes on.

So what happens when I consult my life manual? You know, the Bible? Does it tell me that I should allow fear and lack to stop me from reaching my goals? Does it tell me I should stay put in my nice comfy corner of the world so I won’t suffer the rejection or judgment of others? I mean, seriously, I’m an introvert! 

NO! It says the complete opposite in so many ways and across so many verses.

But let’s focus in on this one right here in 2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7 NIV

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10 NIV

Fear Stops Me When I Should Be Trusting God More

When I trust in my fear more than I trust the Spirit of God, I am limiting the very power He gives me. Therefore, I allow Satan to win the battle. Whether I realize it or not, I am walking in Satan’s plan for my life…rather than the Creator’s plan.

My attention is tuned in to my fear, my frustration, the distractions, the procrastination, (add whatever struggle you want to here) and away from God’s goodness, His plan for my life, and His ministry. My focus is split and diluted.

When this happens, it’s a vicious cycle that is difficult to overcome. Remember, the enemy came to steal, kill, and destroy. What better way to destroy you than to keep you from God and His perfect plan for your life?

5 Steps to Overcome Fear

  1. Call the fear out. Acknowledge the obstacle. Put it on the table. Look at it. Study it. Recognize it for what it is. A lie. It’s a product of out of control thoughts and that spiraling negative outlook that the enemy likes to keep us trapped in.
  2. Shift your thoughts to what is real and make a list. Oftentimes our fears have a foundation (real or imagined). This is your opportunity to put some sound, rational thinking onto paper (and out of your anxious mind that is spiraling out of control). Write down only real, honest, true facts.
  3. Search the Bible for what God says about the fear (or whatever is stopping you from accomplishing your goal). There’s the truth. Write that down too.
  4. Now you need a strategy to begin thinking about that fear differently. By not allowing it to hold you captive, it loses power over you. For example, actually consider the worst-case scenarios and consider how you might handle it if it were to occur. Setting expectations and having a plan ready can help lower your anxiety and help you to take the steps necessary to overcome the fear.
  5. Create a new plan of action. Here is your chance to make the change. What are 3 things you can begin doing to overcome the fear and walk in faith right now? What is something you can do to add it to your routine to consistently pray about it? What is a step you can take to keep it in the forefront of your mind while you develop consistency?

Repeat this process over and over to get through it and start overcoming fear so you can live your best life.

Don’t allow the enemy to steal from you what God has destined you for. Get the Free Fear Journal Page now. Print out about 10 of them and get started actively pursuing your goals. When you finish those 10 pages, print out more if you need to! 

Trust in Him. Trust God’s Word.

He will do what the Word of God says He will do. It’s time to stop giving in to the obstacles that the enemy consistently puts in our heads and on our paths, and start living the life that God created us for!

Just a little something to ponder …

Times are changing. I need to change! I have to stretch myself beyond my borders.

I know it’s tough. I don’t like it either. It requires me to stop relying on myself and rely on Him more.

It’s not about me. It’s about Him. It’s not about now. It’s about eternity.

It might mean that I need to do it scared, KNOWING I am walking in His power and no weapon formed against me will prosper because God’s power prevails!

Do you know what that’s called? Growing. It’s a lifelong process. I’ll get there if I keep working. You’ll get there if you keep working. Don’t give up. When we give up, Satan wins.

If you need some accountability or help in this area, I would love the opportunity to help walk the path with you.

What stops you?

Sincerely, Christi